12 Postpartum Necessities For a Smoother Recovery

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What are the postpartum necessities moms REALLY need?

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When preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby, first-time moms often focus on getting things that the baby needs. 

And they completely disregard the fact that they may need a few things too! 

I mean, giving birth is quite an accomplishment. 

Along with the fact that you grew and delivered a human being, your body goes through so many changes and it needs to heal. 

Postpartum recovery can mean months of pain and discomfort for some, so it’s best to be prepared to ensure your recovery goes by as smooth as possible. 

Having gone through postpartum two times, I cannot stress the importance of having these postpartum necessities enough! It made after birth recovery so much faster and easier. 

Here are some of the postpartum necessities I swear by and always recommend to my friends going through pregnancy. Trust me, you are going to thank me for this list.

Maxi Pads

If you aren’t already aware, most women experience VERY heavy postpartum vaginal bleeding. 

Yeah, it’s kind of intense so you need to make sure you have some absorbant pads ready for after birth because some hospitals don’t provide any or are limited in supplies. 

Also, it is recommended that you wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth before using tampons. Tampon usage could introduce bacteria into your system, putting you at risk of infection.

So make sure maxi pads are at the top of your postpartum necessities list!

Fridababy MomWasher

If you’ve had a vaginal delivery, wiping after using the toilet can feel like you’re using sandpaper instead. And don’t get me started about the discomfort if you’ve had stitches.

The MomWasher is a postpartum necessity that you didn’t think you needed until you have one.  It has an angled head to ensure you can reach the right spots without any difficulties. 

You can even use it with warm water to ease the burning associated with urination. 

You can also use a peri bottle if you prefer. It’s cheaper but it’s not as convenient to use.

Donut cushion

Sitting down after you have given birth can be very painful and uncomfortable, especially if you had a bad tear. 

Donut pillows can be super helpful as it takes the pressure off the areas of healing.

It will relieve the discomfort when sitting in the car, when nursing or even watching TV. 

TIP: Instead of buying a separate donut pillow, what I did was I used my baby’s Boppy Pillow instead! It’s practically shaped the same and does the job!

Disposable underwear

If you have a particularly heavy flow and don’t want to risk your favorite underwear getting stained or you don’t want to have to deal with washing it out, then disposable underwear is the way to go!

They are super comfy and are discreet as well. 

I bought a couple for the first few days postpartum and was glad I did because sometimes, the bleeding will leak no matter how hard you try.

Glamorous, right?

Perineal cold packs/Witch hazel pads

I didn’t have these going through postpartum recovery the first time but made sure I had them packed the second time around. 

It helps so much with swelling and provides pain relief for the whole day! It even helps with the burning associated with urination as well.

TIP: I had a bad tear so what I did was stacked the cold pads with witch hazel pads on top, spritzed with Dermoplast and then tucked it all in the disposable underwear. It would all stay in place and was a total game-changer! 

Add these to your postpartum necessities list NOW. 

Sitz bath

For those wanting further relief “down there” (especially if you experience hemorrhoids), a sitz bath may be the answer to your prayers. 

You can purchase specially made basins that fit over a toilet for this purpose. Of course you can have a regular bath, but I find these to be more convenient to use.

All you need is to add water (either cold or warm). 

Some mothers find further relief from adding Epsom salt mixtures.

Be careful not to use other harsh ingredients such as soaps or bubble bath though!

Nipple cream – a Postpartum Necessity

If you are nursing your baby, then this is definitely a postpartum necessity you need. 

Prevent or treat nipple soreness and cracks with nipple creams!

There are many nipple creams out there but make sure you choose one that is absolutely safe for your baby. 

What I found was that if you constantly apply it, it will prevent your nipples from getting to the point of soreness. 

My favorite is the Organic Nipple Butter by Earth Mama. I prefer it because it is lanolin-free and it works a charm!

Nursing/Breast pads

High up on your list of postpartum necessities should be nursing pads.

These things soak up anything that leaks, and trust me, it will leak. 

You don’t want to be in a position where you find the whole front of your shirt soaking wet because your baby’s cries triggered a milk leakage and you didn’t have any nursing pads on!

Stock up on these, you’ll need a lot. 

 Postpartum belly bands

After my second pregnancy, I experienced pretty bad lower back pains. The doctor advised me it was due to the fact that I had abdominal separation (diastasis recti) which prevented my stomach muscles from supporting my back. 

Having an abdominal support band was a huge life-saver for me. Within days of wearing it, my back pains got less intense. The band helped provide support to my lower back and assisted the healing of muscle separation. 

Some people may not need it, but my back pain was so painful, I swear by it! It will promote faster healing too!

I loved using this one SO MUCH! 

Pain-relieving spray – Dermoplast

Dermoplast is especially helpful for those who need further relief. 

It contains benzocaine which helps stop the pain and also contains an antiseptic which assists to prevent infection.


Most people might already have these on hand but I thought it was worth a mention because you will definitely need it. 

You won’t really know how painful the healing process is until you are actually going through it. 

One thing’s for certain though, you will be sore. 

Stool softener

I don’t know why but pooping for the first time after giving birth was so scary for me! 

Not only does it hurt, but constipation is a real postpartum problem and the straining can make recovery even worse.

That’s why having a stool softener on hand is a VERY good idea so there’s no discomfort from too much straining and pressure. 

Don’t worry, it won’t make you go unexpectedly, it just helps soften your poop. 

You need to feel and be your best so that you can take care of your baby to the best of your abilities! So that means you’ll want to ensure the postpartum recovery period goes as smoothly as possible. 

With these postpartum necessities, you will start to feel your best in no time!

What will you be stocking up on?





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