October 2019 Blog Income Report – Honest Insight into My Fourth Month Blogging

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My 4th month blogging has just been completed and, truthfully, I was having mixed feelings this month.

I don’t want to be all “rainbow and butterflies” when I really was not feeling it.

Blogging is truly journey that will test you.

For a high achiever and a control freak like myself, it can be a tough pill to swallow when things just don’t seem to go your way, despite your hard efforts.

When you think you’re doing everything right, but the results are not what you want, it can be tough. You then start to doubt yourself, and question if you can actually do it.

Instead of wasting energy, mental strength and time going down that defeated path, I remembered my WHY.

For me, I thought about how I need to do this so I don’t have to go back to my 9-5 for the rest of my life. I need to do this so I can have the flexibility to work from home and be able to live life on my own terms. Heck, I want financial freedom for my little family, so we can enjoy our precious time TOGETHER and not at work.

I want to be able to not stress about every little purchase we have to make. I don’t want to struggle to make our mortgage repayments or to feel guilty when we can’t afford the best things for our kids.

Now that the month of October is over, I have welcomed November with a positive attitude.

I will take each day as it comes and treat each day as an experience to add to my goal-attainment jar. I have no idea how big this jar is, but I know that as long as I am working hard and am persistent, I am filling the jar and each day, I am closer to reaching my ultimate goal.

Now that I got that off my chest, onto the income/progress report!


Traffic from Pinterest (my primary traffic source) has continued to grow this month, mainly thanks to a pin that went viral during the month.

I have a love-hate relationship with viral pins.

It’s great to see the influx of traffic coming in from them, but if you don’t keep fueling it, it will eventually taper off. And that feeling sucks.

But I actually reached 25,000 sessions this month! That’s the cut-off for applying for Mediavine!

october 2019 blog income report

EDIT: Wooo I got accepted for Mediavine in my 5th Month blogging with a new blog! Can’t believe I actually did it! This might sound cliche, but if I can do it (with absolutely NO experience), you can too!!

Anyway, apart from that, I am happy that my daily new norm is averaging around 500 pageviews (it was hovering around the 100 pageviews for most of the previous month)!

I may be hard on myself but truthfully, I think I am actually off to an okay start (considering I am a completely new blogger with absolutely no experience and had never used Pinterest before this).

In saying that, I STRONGLY believe that it is because of this course and Tailwind that has helped me develop my strategy and understanding of the Pinterest platform to get to the point I am today.

If you are a new blogger looking to start generating good traffic from the get-go or a seasoned blogger who has tried so many strategies yet nothing is working, then I would urge you to also give the e-course Blogpreneur Blueprint by Claudia from The Fab 20s a go.

This refreshingly new e-course is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide filled with PROVEN strategies to create, grow and monetize your NEW blog in record time.

Claudia launched her main blog on October 26, 2018 (Yay! A relevant new blog!) and has already achieved great success in only a year. Her main blog achieved 120,914 pageviews in the 3rd month and continues to grow til this day! She then decided to test out her strategies and started ANOTHER blog (in another niche) in March 2019. And guess what? She reached 155,152 pageviews in May (only 2 months in) for that blog!

Pretty amazing to me.

I knew I had to know her secrets and exact strategies for success so I bought her course as soon as she released it. I really do find it helpful and reliable because it’s a brand new course based on results of a recently created blog, so I KNEW that the strategies will work for me too and that it is not outdated.

Of course, you do need to be strict and patient and follow through with the strategies to see results though!

So if you are tired of being confused or fed up with getting no where, don’t waste any more time and check it out now. And plus, Claudia is really nice and extremely helpful with any follow-up emails I have sent her!


Ok, I know in my previous income report I said I was going to try and focus more attention on getting email subscribers, but I just wasn’t able to get that done unfortunately! I still haven’t done anything for it and therefore, I still have no followers HAHAH. Cry.

Why doesn’t anyone like me? Haha…

Moving on…


This was the first month I implemented some money-making strategies – namely, via Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

(Please note that amounts are in USD but I am Australian, so will be paid out in AUD).

Google Adsense: $48.37

Amazon Affiliate: $0.48

TOTAL: USD$48.85

october 2019 blog income report

october 2019 blog income report

I didn’t expect to make much with Google Adsense so I wasn’t too concerned about how much I earned from it.

However, I was a little disappointed by the results for my affiliate marketing efforts (which serves as another reminder that earning money blogging is not a breeze). Despite other bloggers making hundreds and thousands via affiliate marketing, it’s not as easy as it seems.

The main thing that makes an affiliate marketer successful is TRUST, and I know that it is NOT easy to gain someone’s trust.

I guess it just takes time.

In the meantime, I will just continue to be my genuine self and continue to ONLY recommend products that I believe in, and hopefully one day I can reach that level of trust with my readers!

I also hope to revise the popular affiliate marketing e-course which I purchased earlier – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

She earns more than $50,000 a month from affiliate marketing alone, so she must be doing something right! I really don’t want to be leaving any money on the table, especially when I am mentioning products/services that I love.


  • Make 5 affiliate sales (Christmas is coming up so hopefully I am able to take advantage of the busy festive season!)
  • Create a freebie to offer email subscribers
  • Update previous blog posts to optimize for Google SEO


  • Need mental strength to be persistent and patient
  • I discovered the usefulness of Tailwind’s ‘Insights’ feature. It gives you analytics on the boards you are in and pins you have on Pinterest. Therefore, you will be able to determine your best performing boards which can help you decide which relevant board to first pin your NEWLY published pin to. For Tailwind, you can schedule up to 100 pins for FREE before deciding if a paid plan is right for you. So you can give it a try to see if it is useful for you – no credit card/payment details needed on sign up.
  • On top of the Pinterest strategy from this course, I find that using Tailwind for the analytic feature and Tribes feature is necessary for my overall traffic growth as a new blogger.
  • If you need an effective crash-course on how to utilize Tailwind to generate traffic from Pinterst to your blog, then I would recommend this kick-ass and very affordable course by Ell Duclos.
  • I’m quite a reserved type of gal but I started commenting on other people’s blogs this month. Not only did it help build valuable connections but I was surprised at the lengths that some bloggers go to to help you and give you advice! It’s also just a nice feeling to be spreading love and encouragement to fellow bloggers.
  • Once you get a viral pin/post, the next pins you make for that post will USUALLY also do well. So it is vital to keep an eye on your Google analytics.


Blogging is fun! It’s a challenge I really do enjoy!

The hardest part is to maintain a positive and “can-do” mindset. It can get frustrating at times because there is a lot to learn, but you really can’t give yourself the option to give up.

Just stick to it and know that you are filling you goal-attainment jar.

I know that if I put my effort in creating quality content that people want to read, and have the desire to truly help others, money will follow.

I’m just trusting in the process and enjoying ride!

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a blogger? And how do you plan to overcome those struggles?

Again, thank you for reading my report and taking an interest in my journey!

Until next time,

Aileen x




october 2019 blog income report

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  1. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for this article! I’ve been blogging since July and just feel like I’m struggling. Not sure if it’s my writing, the topic, or what have you. I’m using all of the above mentioned tools as well and have consistent posting on pinterest but just not seeing the drive to my blog. I’d love any insite you have!

    1. ordinaryparents says:

      Hi Amy,

      The beginning stages of starting a blog really is a big struggle.

      I think everything gets a lot clearer when you hit a certain point or achievement, but until then, you really just need to keep learning and researching.

      Having the tools is one thing, but knowing how to use it is another. You need to have a good Pinterest strategy in place – I’m following the strategy in the course I mentioned in the post above as well as using Tailwind tribes. AND I am going hard-out. For eg, I am publishing a brand new pin to Pinterest EVERY DAY (some times even 2 or 3 new pins). Everything I do on Pinterest is all about making sure Pinterest knows what my pins are about. So I am making sure my keyword game is strong, especially for my boards and pin descriptions.

      I hope that gives you some insight into what I personally do!

      Goodluck on your blogging journey! x

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