Basic Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom, Dad, and Baby

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basic hospital bag checklist

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As you approach the third trimester of your pregnancy, you are probably starting to think about what you may need to pack in your hospital bag.

When I was about to give birth, I spent a lot of time googling what to pack in my hospital bag but a lot of the articles and checklists contained so much… stuff. 

It’s just too excessive! Reading through those checklists was overwhelming in itself. 

I understand that you don’t want to forget anything, but you don’t want to be bringing your entire house along either. 

I mean, think about the unpacking you’ll have to do once you get home with a new baby!

Now that I have gone through labor two times, I think I have a pretty good idea of what you ACTUALLY need to bring. 

And guess what? You really do NOT  need to bring a lot (of course, it may differ depending on how long you end up staying at the hospital). 

I had a straightforward vaginal birth and was out of the hospital in less than 48 hours.

These are the things that I actually packed to give you an idea of what you should include in your basic hospital bag checklist. 

Basic Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom to be

  • Two sets of comfortable clothes (preferably something suitable for nursing)
  • Pajamas and robe
  • A nicer outfit (such as a comfortable maxi dress) for photos or going home
  • Undies (cheap ones because it will probably get stained)
  • Socks
  • Nursing bra
  • Breast/nursing pads 
  • Maxi pads (the hospital will probably provide you with a few but I liked to pack 1 or 2 just in case)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, face wash, moisturizer, body wash, deodorant, shampoo & conditioner)
  • Towel 
  • Hair brush and hair ties
  • Water bottle (rather than making multiple trips to get water from a small cup the hospital gives you)
  • Phone and phone charger
  • Important docs (such as ID, hospital paperwork, medicare card, insurance details, birth plan etc)
  • Slippers/flip flops
  • Postpartum necessities (such as nipple cream, Fridababy, Tucks pad, Dermoplast etc)
  • Basic make-up (optional)
  • Hairdryer & hair straightener (optional)
  • Glasses /contacts (if needed)

Baisc Hospital Bag Checklist For Baby

  • Sleepsuits/onesies (2 or 3)
  • Going home outfit (optional. They can always go home in their onesie)
  • Blanket (to keep baby warm and cozy)
  • Swaddle muslins
  • Socks
  • A few spare nappies and baby wipes (hospital will probably provide these)
  • Car seat (very important! Make sure it is properly fitted in the car a few weeks prior to your due date)

Minimalist Hospital Bag Checklist For Dad

  • Camera and charger
  • Phone and charger
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Snacks
  • Change of clothes
  • Pillow (optional)

Always check with your hospital or birthing center what you need to bring and what they already provide.

Other than that, honestly, don’t stress too much about what to pack in your hospital bag.

If you forget something, it’s not the end of the world. 

I hope this checklist will help you pack your hospital bag! 

How far along are you in pregnancy and have you packed your bag yet?

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basic hospital bag checklist

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