My name is Aileen, and I am so excited and grateful that you are here!

I’m a mama of two little ones and the wifey to my First Love. My life currently revolves around my children and my husband, but I am trying to change that and focus on me a little bit more too 😉

The aim of Ordinary Parents is simply to help you do life as a modern mama.

I’m no expert but I strive to share valuable tips and tricks with you (from my own experience), to guide you through your Pregnancy journey, Postpartum, to raising your precious baby & toddler!

So, if you are an excited yet anxious NEW MAMA going through pregnancy (or postpartum) and looking for a twenty-something mama friend who is filled with great advice and even better life stories – I GOTCHA.

I get it, because it’s someone I wish I had when I first started this wonderful (and sometimes lonely) journey called motherhood.

I will be adding more fun info about me soon!

Feel free to stick around or say hi!

A x